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Lair Walkthrough Chapter 4 Crossing at Dawn

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Chapter 4 - Crossing at Dawn

Mount your dragon. You need to fly in the direction of the arrow, while killing the dragons that get in your way.

Kill the dragons when they start strafing the bridge.

Once the guardians are safe fly in the direction of the arrow and attack the ground troops.

Once you have taken care of the amount you have to, more ice dragons appear.

Take back to the sky. After you kill so many dragons, the Mokai will drop Tauros on the bridge. Lock on to a Tauros. Your dragon will pick up the Tauros, press the Triangle button to drop the Tauros.

After the Tauros are dead, Dark Dragons will join the battle.

The Dark Dragons are fire immune. You have to take them down by either ramming them or getting in to melee combat with them.

Once the Dark Dragons are dead, the Mokai will drop rhinos on your troops.

Rhinos are immune to fire. Lock on to the Rhinos. Then Shake the controller up and down.

After the last Rhino is dead, the mission is over.