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Lair Walkthrough Chapter 2 Blood River

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Chapter 2 - Blood River

Fly towards the signal tower.

A cut scene will begin when you near the tower. Get close to the ground. Hold the L2 and R2 buttons to land.

You can either melee them with the O button. Or you can just shoot fireballs at them.

Clear the area of the Mokai ground troops. A cut scene will begin when you have killed enough troops. Take to the air by holding the L2 and R2 buttons.

Fly in the direction of the yellow arrow.

At the objective, you will need to kill dragons, catapults, and more ground troops.

Kill the dragons as fast as you can. If you lose the barges the mission is a failure.

After the barges are saved, you will need to destroy four Trebuchets.

Once the Trebuchets are gone, destroy the remaining Mokai ground troops.

Once the ground troops are killed this will end the chapter.