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Lair Walkthrough Chapter 8 Out of the Ashes

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Chapter 8 - Out of the Ashes

Once you’re in control of the dragon, fly straight ahead.

When you see the swarmers, follow the path to the left.

Follow the vegetation on the ground until you get to a stone arch.

Once you are at the arch, go to the left.

Stay to the left and keep following the vegetation until you reach water.

It is time to kill the Spiderwasp.

Fly towards the Spiderwasp shooting fireballs, dodging the Spiderwasps attacks. When the Spiderwasp comes in to attack press the D-Pad in the direction you are prompted.

You will be on the Spiderwasp's back. Shake the controller up and down.

You need to do this like three times. A cut scene will begin after the Spiderwasp is dead. After the scene Asylian Burners will attack the camp.

You will be in a chase. Follow the dragons, while shooting fireballs at the dragons.

You will come to an area with two large war beasts.

Lock on to the war beasts. Shoot at the weapons platforms.

Once the weapons platform is destroyed, fly low near the legs. Press the Triangle button to latch on and pull the war beast down.

Once both war beasts are dead, this will bring you to the end of Chapter 8.