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Lair Walkthrough Chapter 10 Deadman's Basin

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Chapter 10 - Deadman's Basin

A note on this chapter: you will be bouncing back and forth from objective to objective before they are met. Once in control, kill the Asylian troops on the sloped path.

Once the way is clear, you need to protect the Mokai. A War beast will be coming up the hill behind the Mokai people.

When the Asylian Navy shows up, you will need to start destroying the ships.

As you are clearing the objectives, more War beasts will start up the hill from behind the Mokai.

Also a Manta will appear. Lock on to the Manta and shoot big fireballs.

After the Manta rams the dam, you will get an objective to finish destroying the dam. There are four points to destroy.

Lock on to a point on the dam and the dragon will land. Shake the controller up and down to break the dam.

When you break the dam, this will bring you to the end of chapter 10.