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Lair Walkthrough Chapter 12 Bridge of the Ancients

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Chapter 12 - Bridge of the Ancients

Note about the chapter: you cannot lose more than 1 ship or the mission is lost. Fly to the outpost. Destroy the catapults and ballista on the towers. There are a total of five outposts.

On the left will be the second outpost, dragons will attack your Warbeasts. Kill some of the dragons after taking out the outpost.

Just past the second outpost will be the third outpost.

To the right a bit and on an island is the fourth outpost. Some more dragons will appear when you get close to the fourth outpost. Thin out the dragons.

To the left and on another island is the fifth outpost.

You will have two objectives at this point. The first is to protect the Mantas. Wind dragons will be attacking them. If you free up the Mantas, the Mantas will help with the ships.

The second is to destroy the Asylian Fleet.

After the boats are destroyed another set of double objectives. The first is to protect your fleet from the dragons. The big Bull dragons are immune to fire. The smaller Wind dragons are not so lucky.

Take out the smaller dragons first with fireballs. Then go melee the Bull dragons.

The second objective is to kill the Asylian War beasts on the bridge.

This should bring you to the end of Chapter 12.