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Lair Walkthrough Chapter 11 Ruins of Mokai

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Chapter 11 - Ruins of Mokai

Fly straight ahead. Land and kill the soldiers on the ground.

When you kill the 1000 soldiers you need, Three Rhinos and 1200 more soldiers will be next on the hit list.

Once this amount of soldiers is killed and the three Rhinos, seven more Rhinos and unknown amount of soldiers will come out of the gate.

When you get the command destroy the siege locks by locking on and then shaking the controller up and down.

After the gate is locked, fly to the bay to protect the ships.

On the walls will be some guns. Take these out to help protect the ships.

The last objective is to clear the sky of the Asylian dragons.

Once the dragons are killed this will bring you to the end of Chapter 11