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Lair Walkthrough Chapter 14 Battle for Asylia

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Chapter 14 - Battle for Asylia

For the beginning protect your ships and Mantas from the Asylian dragons and turrets.

When you get to the bridges fly above a Manta. Target the Manta and Your dragon will fly in and grab some bombs.

Fly to a bridge and drop the bombs on the bridge. Repeat this until both bridges are destroyed.

After the bridges are destroyed Asylian Mantas will come in to attack your army.

After you take care of the Mantas, take care of the soldiers and War beasts.

Lock on to a War beast. Shoot fireballs at the War beasts until you destroy the weapons platforms. Fly low and close to the War beasts. Press the Triangle button to latch on to the War beasts legs.

Once you kill the 2700 soldiers you will advance to the city proper. In fact you can just kill the 2700 soldiers ignoring the War beasts.

Next is to destroy four of those nasty cannons.

Once the cannons are destroyed, you need to get some bombs from a Manta. Then destroy the three lava vents.

For the last objective is to destroy the palace.

Grab some more bombs from a Manta. Then highlight the palace and drop the bombs on the palace.

When the palace falls this will bring you to the end of the game.