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Left 4 Dead Walkthrough Dead Air-3: The Construction Site

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Head to the left.

Jump on the rail and wait for a zombie to come attack you.

When one does come, jump on its head and jump up again.

Now you're up here. Head down and enter the doorway.

Jump onto that rail that's ahead of you.

Run and jump to the top of the control panels.

Then jump over the wooden boards.

Go all the way down the alley and take a left.

Keep heading straight.

Go through that electrical plant now.

And go through the next one.

Then turn right and a door on the right will be open. Enter it.

Enter this door.

And the next one.

Also, another one.

Then go through the hole in the wall.

Jump on the petruding road and onto the other side.

Get on top of the crashed plane now.

And enter the parking garage.

Go straight to the end then take a right.

Then another right.

Now up the stairs.

Across the bridge...

And the safe room will be to the left.