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Left 4 Dead Walkthrough No Mercy 2- The Subways

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Go down the hole in the ground.

Then, go down these stairs.

Continue down the escalators.

Turn to the right and there'll be more stairs. Go up them.

Go down the tunnel now.

Make sure you get the right way by checking if you're around here.

After exiting the train, turn left to get to another staircase.

Turn right at the end of the hall.

Continue down this empty area.

Go up the stairs.

Enter through this door.

To skip opening the door and the tank and the horde, stand right here, let the tank hit you and you'll be launched upstairs where you're safe.

There you go!

Enter the next room.

Break the window to get down to an alley.

Make sure you go to the left side. then turn right and go straight ahead.

Enter the pawn store up ahead.

To the right will be the safe room.