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Left 4 Dead Walkthrough Death Toll- 4: The Town

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Go out the window up ahead.

Get on top of the ledge by jumping on the hill to the edge.

Now walk onto the bus on the right.

Jump over the armored car then.

Turn left to advance.

Go enter the florist building now.

Just follow the doors and you'll find your way out.

Go inside the back of the truck that'll be to the right of the exit. Wait for a zombie to come so you can jump on it and jump onto the roof of the truck.

Turn right around the cornor.

Behind the bus will be an alley. Go through it.

Turn left continuing down the alley.

To the left will be some stairs. Go up them.

Break the window to cross to the other building.

Jump to the other building or take the bridge.

Go through the window to the left.

Get to the other building and on the other side of the fence.

And the safe room will be to the right.