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Left 4 Dead Walkthrough No Mercy-4: The Hospital

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Go to the right and go to the end of the hallway.

Then enter the door on the right.

Go up one flight of stairs then through the door on the top of your screen.

On the left, there'll be a walkway. Enter it.

In the cornor to your left, there'll be a plant. Jump on it and jump again to get on the top of the telephone stands.

Then jump to the right to get onto another ledge.

Enter the hallway and enter the first door on your right and go up the stairs.

Go down the next hallway.

Open the double doors to get to the elevator which is on the first left then a right.

After the horde and when the elevator comes up, activate the panel to go up.

Turn left when the elevator stops.

And a right.

Another right.

Again, a right.



Break the wooen panels inside some rooms to get through.

Left into that hall.

Break some more wooden boards and there'll be a safe room.