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Left 4 Dead Walkthrough No Mercy- 3: The Sewer

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Go down the alley and through the door.

Head back outside.

Walk to the left of that cargo thing.

Jump up the ledge.

Turn right and walk ahead.

The tank will come to get you. Back all the way to to wall behind you and let the tank hit you through the wall.

You're in!

Go to your right and open the door.

Go to the end of the room and to your left of the back wall will be another door.

Take another right to enter another room.

Go down the hall and then down the stairs.

Then go down this walkway in between the tanks and there'll be a sewer grate. Slide it open.

Just go down the tunnel then take a right.

And a left...

Now go enter the room and on the left will be a vent where you'll have to croch to get into.

Just follow the tunnel. No turns or anything.

When you reach the next, head right.

Now climb the ladder to get to the surface.

Then head to the hospital.

And the safe room will be behind the desk.