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Lego Harry Potter: Years 1-4 Walkthrough !! REDUCTO SPELL TRICKS !! (IMPORTANT 2)

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[Diagon Alley] Cast Transfiguration spell on Professor Quirrell.

Approach him then press K to switch your active character.

After a moment, you'll be transform back to the human form. Blast open the silver gate leading to Knockturn Alley using Reducto spell.

Construct a set of stairs from the planks in the cart.

Character Token -- Igor Karkaroff token unlocked.

Character Token -- Ride the cart, then use your magic to hit it so that you can jump higher to fetch the The Bloody Baron token.

Character Token -- Blast the table to move it aside. Jump on the table to unlock Shifty Wizard Character token.

[Borgin & Burkes] Enter Borgin & Burkes to get a hidden Gold Brick behind the counter.

[Madam Malkin's Robes] Purchase Igor Karkaroff Character for 65,000 or the Shifty Wizard for only 7,500. You may purchase other characters as well but for now, only these two characters have Reducto spell.

[The Leaky Cauldron] Blast the silver padlock to get access to the basement.

This is where you can build four scenes from the novels. Building a scene gives you a gold brick. You need all crests in one year to build a scene from that year.