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Lego Harry Potter: Years 1-4 Walkthrough HOGWARTS CASTLE (IMPORTANT 1)

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[Grassy Courtyard] Character Token -- Hit ten torches to make the Angelina Johnson token appears at the center of the courtyard.

Use magic on the dustbin. Once it finishes cleaning, it will spit out a dragon claw needed for your potion.

To obtain snake's fang, hit the large flowerpot near the bench then blast the snake that appears.

Hit every bush to find skeleton pieces, then put it back together. Take the skeleton hand, put it in the cauldron.

Drink up the strength potion. Pull the chain then exit through the door.

Continue after the ghost to reach the Herbology Classroom for another Herbology Class session.

Equip the earmuffs from the wardrobe.

Jump onto the wardrobe to get a Gold Brick.

Put all three Mandrakes, one in each pot.

You'll receive the Mandrake Handling ability. Now exit the classroom, then head to the Castle Courtyard.

[Pendulum Tower Courtyard] There's a Mandrake terrorizing some students. Pick it up.

Character Token -- finding and shattering five glass cases to collect Hufflepuff Boy token.

Plant the Mandrake in the pot and head through the opening to the right.

[Classroom Foyer] Keep following the ghost.

Now the upper right balcony is accessible.

Character Token -- Hit the golden columns with statues atop then collect the Lee Jordan token.

Before equip the earmuffs, I would advise you to attend the Transfiguration class first as this is most important skill that you need IF YOU WANNA ACCESS TO REDUCTO SPELL ON YOUR SECOND YEAR.

[Classroom 1] In this lesson, use Transfiguration spell on the dummies to transform them into mice/frogs.

Every characters must take a turn.

One Gold Brick for learning Transfiguration spell!

Once you're done, equip the earmuffs then pick up the shrieking Mandrake.

Character Token -- Carry the Mandrake around the room, passing in front of a glass case at the lower level and five more glass cases at the upper left balcony to reveal the Ernie Macmillan token.

Use the Mandrake to shatter the glass wall.

Put it in the pot.

Character Token -- Hannah Abbot token will be unlock by tugging on eight torches in the room.

[Classroom 2] In this class you'll learn how to defense yourself against the dark art. Now attend the class.

Save a Student in Peril in the chest.

When you've defeated the first three gremlins, five more will appear.

Take out each of them.

Once you're done you'll learn the Immobilus spell. Out to the Classroom Foyer.

[Classroom Foyer] Follow the blue arrow to trigger a cutscene.

[Wooden Bridge] Make your way to the Sundial Garden.

Blast all Pixies you've encountered.

Character Token -- Defeat a gremlin that holds a blue rocket. Send the rocket off by hitting it with magic. Use the pumpkin head-copter to get the Ginny (Cardigan) token.

[Quidditch Gate] Handle the Mandrake as usual. Hit the black orb to keep it in the chest to earn some studs. Enter the Quidditch Pits when you're ready.