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Lego Harry Potter: Years 1-4 Walkthrough YEAR 2-2: DOBBY'S PLAN

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Hufflepuff Crest Fragment (yellow) -- Raise four flags on the poles.

Open the hatch and jump down.

Use magic to open the nearby chest to reveal a bat. Hit it to demolish blockade on the left.

Ravenclaw Crest Fragment (blue) -- Use magic on four flags in the barrels to obtain the crest fragment.

Assemble the debris into a springboard. Bounce up to the higher ledge.

Blast Dobby, he'll run away.

As Hagrid, pull the chain to lowered platform to the right.

Hit Dobby again leaving him with only three hearts on his life meter.

Use Immobilus spell on the two pixies that are guarding the doorway,

then use Lumos Solem to make the Devil's Snare recede.

Create a staircase from the scattered bricks.

Before proceed, jump to the upper left platform to collect some studs.

Blast the chest at the corner for more studs. Hang the painting scrolls, then wave to it for extra studs.

Continue to the right. Before you climb up the ladder, hit the final flag in a barrel to obtain the crest fragment.

Attach the purple wrecking ball to the chain, causes the gate to open.

Go up the left ladder and attack Dobby. He will manage to escape again. Pull the chain to drop two blocks from the cage.

Set the bricks so that you can get upstairs.

Approach the shaking locker. Hit it with your magic to scare out Dobby then attack him.

Jump down and eliminate two pixies holding the bridge.

Afterwards use Wingardium Leviosa to levitate and shake the barrel Dobby will drop out and you can hit him a final time.

After the cutscene's over, you'll appear in the infirmary.

Character Token -- The Dobby token is above one of the beds.

Use Madam Pomfrey to destroy the padlock in the wardrobe.

Have one of your character equip the earmuffs. Assemble a dancing skeleton to obtain the first ingredient.

Use a Mandrake to break the glass case to get the second one.

Lift the bed, then afterwards assemble the armor below the bed.

He will destroy the big padlock, opening the passage to the next room.

Use the broom to sweep up the web.

Knock down the spider using magic and bring all the ingredients to the cauldron. Stage completed. At this point, I would suggest you to GO BACK to the Leaky Cauldron to do some tricks! :)