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Lego Lord of the Rings Walkthrough Middle-Earth: Bree

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"Follow the trail of studs and you will reach Bree. Inside, you should pay a visit to the map stone and head to the Prancing Pony tavern. Unfortunately the entrance is protected by a Hobbit which will let you pass only when you bring him a mithril trowel.

To create the item, you have to jump a couple times on the bellows and let the blacksmith complete his work. The trowel has to be afterwards taken out of the chest and brought to the Hobbit which will let you enter the tavern.

Watch the short cinematic and Aragorn will join the team. Your next destination is the Weathertop - you will get there by following the studs trail.

On your way you will pass by a swamp and right beside the destination you will find another map stone. Fill up your map and head towards the arrow which will begin the next story mission.