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Lego Lord of the Rings Walkthrough The Pass of Caradhras

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"The Pass of Caradhras is a very inhospitable place full of gusty wind and deep snow which makes it impossible for smaller characters like the hobbits or dwarves to get past. In order to help them, you have to choose a taller character (a human or Elf), approach the character you want to help and press (K). You can then either throw (by holding down H) or take your companion through the snow and place down on the other side (K). Regardless of which method you choose, you should help Gimli get past the first obstacle.

You will reach a small cave with another cracked LEGO tile - this time it's on the ground. In order to destroy it and therefore unlock the further path, just jump above it (J) and press (H) in the air. Use the passage and join your team.

You will need to destroy one more tile. Start off by selecting a tall character, pick up Gimli (K) and throw him at the target. The Dwarf will break the tile in mid-air, unveiling yet another cave entrance. Get onto the rock ledge using the unveiled rails and push down the rock so that you can move onwards.

You will have to carry Gimli above the deep snow again. On the other side you need to follow the well-known pattern: enter the narrow tunnel with the Dwarf, destroy the cracked tile, head back above and break another LEGO piece. From the received elements you will be able to build a bridge which will take you to a rock ledge, where Gimli's axe will once again let you clear the further path.

Travel to the right and you will come across four elements which are blocking your way. Just switch to Legolas and hit all the targets and cross the precipice by using the rails.

You will reach en encampment. To make things easier, I'd suggest breaking all the possible items in the area firstly. That way you will receive three pieces of wood which can be put into the bonfire and then lit with Sam. It will unlock further bricks which can be used to construct a ballista. Press (U) to get behind it and (K) to shoot.

Change to Legolas and walk along the line to the other side. there, shoot arrows into three holes and leaves which allow elves to jump higher will appear. Jump off them and grab onto the first handle sticking out of the wall. Keep jumping further alongside them (J) until you reach the other side. There you have to shoot an arrow into the target to lower a rope and let the other team members join Legolas.

Right beside the rope there's a cracked brick. Pick up Gimli and throw him at it to open the path above. Once again pick him up, walk through the deep snow and enter the narrow tunnel. Destroy the cracked LEGO brick on the rock ledge to open the path for the rest of the team and also gain materials needed for the bonfire. Build and set fire to it with Sam's skill and the further path will become clear.

Saruman will try to stop you by sending down an avalanche. It's very easy to avoid - jut look for shadows on the snow and use them to avoid the falling boulders. Break the next brick (throw Gimli) and you will reach another pile of deep snow.

This time you will have to move Gimli as well as Sam to the other side. Use the shovel carried by the Hobbit to dig out loose LEGO bricks which can be used to build another tunnel. Switch to Gimli, use the newly created passage and destroy the cracked brick below so that the rest of you team can join the Dwarf. Unfortunately that still leaves the further path blocked. Switch back to Sam, enter the narrow tunnel and dig up LEGO bricks to build a bridge with them.

Jump across the precipice and keep jumping up along the rocks until you reach another camp. Once again break all the elements in the area to gather three pieces of wood and start a bonfire. The fire will melt the ice and therefore allow Sam to place a plant which will create a bridge for the rest of the team.

This is the last obstacle on the Pass. Legolas has to shoot an arrow into two targets, afterwards you have to build a cracked brick from the received elements and throw Gimli at it. Now cross the deep snow with any character to end this part of the level. The avalanche sent by Saruman will force our heroes to change their plans and head towards Moria.

Your task will be rebuilding the door to Moria by using the skills of Legolas, Gimli and Sam. I'd recommend beginning by choosing the Dwarf. On the right side of the destroyed gate you will find a cracked LEGO brick, breaking which will unveil a hidden passage. Head inside with Gimli.

After reaching the rock ledge you have to hit the pile of chests to create yourself a path above. Destroy the carriage at the top and build a handle using the pieces from it. Now by pressing (K) you can turn the whole tree and therefore create a path left. There you will find pieces of a door which you can rebuild by holding down (K). Time to switch to Legolas.

The first thing that you need to do is shoot at the holes above the Morgul bricks. Afterwards use the leaves to jump onto the upper ledge and from there grab onto the handle. Jump to the other side and jump higher once again using the leaves.

After using the rails you will have to once again use the bow to shoot at the holes in the wall and jump to the other side afterwards. There, cross the bridge and you will reach a rock which can be pushed down and broken. From the received fragment you can fill up the holes in the door (K).

The last task belongs to Sam. You need to create a bonfire place, gather wood and set fire to it. Two pieces can be found by breaking the nearby carriages and the third by destroying a small bridge south of the gate. Now just gather some wood and light it. The path to Moria will open.

...almost. Unfortunately the guardian has awoken, so you will have to deal with him before heading inside. Your task will be cutting off the monsters' tentacles. As you're running around the area, the monster will attack you from time to time. Eventually his tentacle might get stuck in the sand, creating an opportunity for you to attack. After you cut off four of them, the monster will show its hideous head.

In order to deal with it once and for all, pick up Gimli and throw him and the cracked brick. It will unveil the monster's head, which will let you switch to Legolas and shoot an arrow into its eye. The monster will eventually cover itself with another mace - you will have to repeat the above actions to finally defeat the guard.