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Lego Lord of the Rings Walkthrough Middle-Earth: Rivendell

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"Frodo is dying and you have to get him to Rivendell as fast as possible. This time you will be in control of Arwen on a horseback, thanks to which you will be able to travel at a considerable speed. Move along the trail of studs and you will reach a point where a cinematic will begin. After regaining control over you character you should move further along the road until you reach the Elven city.

Time to return to Mordor. Leave Rivendell along the trail of studs. At some point a river will block your way, therefore fiving you the first chance to use Legolas' special abilities. Switch to the Elf (U) and make sure you're equipped with the bow - hold down (K) for that. If you have the proper weapon equipped, you can hold down (H) and point the sight onto the shooting target in front of you. Shoot two more targets and the further path will be unlocked. Continue onwards to the Pass of Caradhras.