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Lego Lord of the Rings Walkthrough Prologue

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"The game will start by throwing you right into the middle of the battle between the Last Alliance and Sauron's army on the plain of Dagorlad. This level will let you familiarize with the controls of LEGO characters, fighting and interacting with the environment. As you take control over your character, ignore the battle around you and focus on the incoming Orcs.

To defeat a shielded enemy, you have to keep attacking him until he lets go off his shield and afterwards attack him once again to finish him off. After you defeat three bannered enemies, Mount Doom will erupt and pillars built from Morgul LEGO blocks will appear on the battlefield.

To destroy them and get your hands on the shielded enemies on top, you need to change your character by pressing (U) and choosing Elendil. A couple simple attacks with him should take care of the pillars. After defeating three more bannered Orcs another c

Before you head to face the Dark Lord, you can use the nearby the save statue (K). The fight with Sauron is one of the many boss fight included in Lego Lord of the Rings. Your task will be destroying his mace while fighting off the Orc attacks. The whole fight will consist of avoiding Sauron's attacks and waiting until he attacks hard enough for his mace to get stuck in the ground.

You will then have to use Elendil's sword - Narsil - and slash at the mace a couple times. Sauron will soon recover, but his health (hearts at the top of the screen) will be reduced by one. Just repeat this process two more times and the Dark Lord will be defeated. Now all you have to do is throw the Ring into Mount Doom.

The further part of the Prologue mainly consists of platforming and some mini-games with Orc fights in the mean time. You can save the game right away using the statue beside the lava. Firstly head right and cross the lava by jumping between the platforms

To move onwards, you need to use the rails - just jump onto them (J) and you character will automatically grab onto it. Start moving to the right and you will reach a place from where you will be able to get higher. By using the broken Narsil (now in hand

Further road will once again require you to jump above lava and use rails. Around the middle of the road you will have to fight around a fire trap. If you place your character properly, you might be able to burn the incoming Orcs and therefore make the fight easier. Afterwards wait for the fire to temporarily disappear and run to the other side.

Soon enough you should reach the first puzzle, a stream of lava which is too wide to pass by and is therefore blocking your way. Luckily there are floating leaves beside - these points can be used by elves to perform very long jumps. To head further, you

After a short walk you will stand before a door leading deeper into Mount Doom. Defeat the Orcs and head inside. You will need to fight some more incoming enemies and afterwards head right. As you reach the edge of the big platform, you will complete the