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Lemmings Walkthrough Trial - Level 1

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Welcome to our Lemmings walkthrough. This is the newer PS3 game, not the original Lemmings that you may remember on the Amiga computer and other systems. The gameplay is similar to the original, but with all new levels and enhanced visuals. From the menu, choose Play with the X button.

Choose Trial from this menu. Each selection has different levels for you to choose from, easiest at the top, hardest at the bottom. To complete the game, you must go through every level in each of them.

You will come to a preview of the first level, "Teach me Climbers and Floaters". You have 5 lemmings in this level, and you must save all 5 of them to win the level. You have 10 minutes to complete the level, which is way more than anyone should need. Press the X button to start the level.

You will see a floating doorway hanging in the air. Your lemmings fall out of this door, one at a time. When a lemming comes out, there will be a few second pause before the next lemming will appear. The lemmings will automatically start walking to the right. Your goal is to get them into the exit doorway, which is on the right side of this picture. The lemmings don't think for themselves. If you do nothing, they will run into the wall in front of them, turn around and repeat this cycle until you run out of time. On the lower menu you'll notice you have a picture of a lemming climbing with a 05 on it.

You'll want to move your pointer over the top of each lemming and press the X button to turn them into a climber. The lemming will now have a hardhat on, indicating that they have become a climber. You will also notice the number decreases on your menu each time you turn a lemming into a climber. Now your lemmings can climb the wall in front of them, making their way toward the goal.

The lemmings will start walking down some large stairs, picking up some items on the way down. These items give you another ability that you can give your lemmings.

You'll need to switch to the new item that you've picked up. To navigate the menu, press the L1 and R1 buttons. L1 will move your selection to the left, R1 to the right. You should only have to press R1 once to select the umbrella picture. Now use your analog stick to select each lemming and press X to use this new ability on them. You'll see each one carrying an umbrella after using it.

Your lemmings now are climbers and floaters. When they fall from large distances they will use their umbrella to slow their decent, thus avoiding death.

Each lemming should walk into the goal and give a YIPPEE shout.

Success! That was a very simple introductory level. It'll start getting much tougher as we go. Press X to move onto the next level.