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Lemmings Walkthrough Trial - Level 2

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Now we move on to level 2 of the Trial stages, "Teach me Builders and Bashers". You have 5 lemmings, and must save all 5 again. There is 10 minutes to complete the level like last time. Press X to begin the level.

Let's Go! This level looks a bit more intimidating, but it's very easy. You'll learn about Builders, which are lemmings that make stairs, and Bashers, which are lemmings that bash horizontally through some materials. If you can't complete the level for any reason, press the select button on your controller and you can choose to restart.

Your lemmings start walking right. When a lemming reaches the end of the first platform, target them and press X to change them into a builder. You only need to do this to one lemming. Don't worry if the rest fall down below.

Your lemming will build several steps. After a bit, you'll hear three "CHINK" sounds. This indicates that the builder is nearly done building steps. After the third "CHINK" he will stop building and start walking rightward again, which is what we want.

Turn a lemming into a Builder at the end of the second platform.

The lemming will build steps to the right and then start picking up 5 items. These items give you the Basher ability. You can now press R1 to switch over to this ability.

You'll see your exit doorway on the left side of the screen, behind two pillars. Right before a lemming runs into that wall, change him into a Basher.

If successful, the lemming will start carving a hole through the pillar. When the lemming runs out of material to bash through, it will no longer be a Basher.

Change a lemming into a basher right before the second pillar as well.

Now your lemmings will exit through the goal. You'll notice this screen is zoomed in. You can zoom using the triangle button on your controller.

If you want to speed the lemmings up, hold the O button on your controller. It's a great way to get the lemmings into their goal quicker when there isn't anything left for you to do. Just remember that it speeds up your clock at the same rate.

Success! Press X to move on to the next level.