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Mass Effect Walkthrough Prologue - Find The Beacon

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This area is pretty linear like the Normandy. On this spot on the map is an upgrade kit.

Proceed down the path and you'll view a cut scene in which Corporal Jenkins is killed. Here is your first taste of combat.

You will see that prolonged firing of your weapon will make your targeting radical larger. The larger target radical means that more of your bullets go wide. I like to fight while kneeling, because kneeling keeps your target radical smaller. In the end fighting from your knees means you do more overall damage.

Another thing that can greatly improve damage is installing mods in to your weapons. You will find all kinds of different mods that can be fitted to your weapons. Combine them to match your play style as best you can. Weapon and armor mods make more of a difference than levels in this game.

Keep following the path. At the location on the map is another upgrade kit.

Following the path a cut scene shows a human soldier running from some robots called Geths.

Kill the Geth and talk to the soldier, who is named Ashley Williams. Another upgrade kit waits at the location on the map.

Continue on to the dig site. When you get there you will find the beacon missing. Proceed up the nearby ramps. At the top you will get in to a fight with some Husks. Husks can be pretty dangerous. They explode when they get near you.

After the fight the door on the left is unlocked and contains 2 crates with random stuff in them. The door on the right isn't. To open it you need to hit the buttons in sequence, or you can use omni-gel and a skill to unlock it. When you unlock the door you will find two of the missing scientists.

When Shepard continues down the path a cut scene will be played. After the cut scene continue to the train station. Kill the Geth and Husks you run in to. When you unlock the nearby shack you will find some farmers hiding from the hostiles.

Shepard will get a pistol when he tries to leave and if he has high enough charm or intimidate he can get another item. Also he can find out about the smugglers with high enough charm/intimidate. Inside the shack is a storage locker with items. Continue to the station and investigate Nihlus' body and Shepard will start talking to a guy named Powell.

At location on the map is another upgrade kit.

Follow the path, killing Geth along the way. More Geth are on the train. Kill them until Shepard reaches the other end.

There is a rather tough Geth Destroyer on the train. He's bigger and meaner than the rest. The best tactic is to take him down is throw a hand grenade and then finish him off with the Assault Rifle.

Use the train to get to the next area. View a cut scene of Saren and the Geth. In the new area you have 5 minutes to disarm 4 bombs and not be killed by the Geth. Here are the locations of the bombs.

Bomb 1

Bomb 2

Bomb 3

Bomb 4 Proceed down the ramp killing Geth and Shepard finds the beacon. Before going near it search the area for crates. When ready get near the beacon and investigate it for a cut scene.

Oh damn, there goes the beacon! Shepard awakens on the Normandy. After talking to the Captain, your next mission is to tell Joker to dock at Citadel. Shepard can check out more of the ship at this time. Outside the Medical talk to Kaidan for some background and paragon points. Talk to Dr. Chakwas for some more background and experience. Ashley's conversation will give up paragon points. Now let's take the elevator to the vehicle bay. Talk to the Alliance Requisition Officer for some background, experience, and to find out about licenses. Ride the elevator back up and then take the stairs up. Go down the hallway and talk to Joker. A cut scene showing the Mass Relay and Citadel Station will begin. This ends the Prologue Chapter of Mass Effect.