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Mass Effect Walkthrough Feros

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Zoom back out. Choose Attican Beta cluster. Then choose the Theseus system. Last choose the Planet Feros. Go to the airlock behind Joker and choose a party. Leave the boarding collar and start down the walkway. Shepard will come across David al Talaqani. During the conversation he will be killed.

Kill the offending Geth. When Shepard gets to the stairs Geth Stalkers appear. Kill the Geth and proceed up the stairs. Walk around this area to the far side and talk to Fai Dan.

Once again the Geth attack while Shepard is talking. Shepard will need to take back the tower that the Geth have taken over. There is an upgrade kit and medical locker in the back.

When thatís done, head back to Fai Dan. Now off to the tunnels. Looks like Shepard needs to fix some problems the colony is having to open the elevator. So inside the Zhu's Hope talk to Davin Reynolds and ask him about the varrens.

Next exit the Zhu's Hope and talk to May O'Connell. Ask her about power cells.

Near May is Macha Doyle. She mentions she needs the water turned back on in the tunnels.

Off you go to the tunnels. Go down the stairs. Near the bottom some Geth attack. Follow the walkway until Shepard comes to an opening. Take it and follow it. To the left should be another opening. Enter and kill the Geth. There should be one of the water valves. Use it.

Go down this hallway and at the next opening there should be another water valve. Use it and go through the opening.

Head to the left and when Shepard gets to the four way intersection go the way you we're going. Once past the intersection should be an opening to the left. Enter and kill the Geth. The last water valve is right next to where you entered the hall. After the valve follow the hall to the other end.

Continue to the end and have a chat with Ian.

After the chat with Ian, go back to the intersection. Take the left path over a bridge to a door. It will open on approach. Inside Shepard will be attacked by some Geth.

Heading further in Shepard will come across an opening to the left. Inside there are some Krogan warriors. Kill them and in the far corner will be the Geth Transmitter. Destroy the transmitter.

Back to the intersection and straight to the door for the Collapsed Bridge area.

Kill the Varren and that Alpha Varren to get the varren meat.

Then Climb up and search the vehicle for a power cell. Now time to head back to Fai Dan. Along the way the Geth will ambush Shepard.

Once back tell Fai Dan about the Geth.

Then ask him about man in tunnels. Talk to Davin and tell him you killed the alpha varren. Don't ask about paying up as he will give you some money when you leave.

Next talk to May and ask her if the power cells you found will work. She gives Shepard some credits for the cell.

Next talk to Macha and she'll mention the water came back on. She'll give you some credits.

Now let's head for the skyway. The elevator for it is near the tower Shepard freed from the Geth.