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Mass Effect Walkthrough Thorian Lair

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Keep going down stairs. Head left when Shepard can. When Shepard enters the room cut scene will begin. An Asari clone will pop out and talk.

After conversation the Asari will attack. Kill it and any creepers that attack. Go up the stairs to the next level. Shepard will come across a Thorian Nerual Node. Kill it.

Climb stairs to next level, killing the creepers and Asari clones as you see them. On level 2 head east to south east looking for an opening to the left. Inside is ramp to level 3 and another Node.

Kill this one as well. Go out the opening at top of the ramp and follow the hallway.

Kill the next Node. Be careful, as Shepard shoots the node some creepers will awaken and attack. Continue following the path.

Enter the opening to the left. There is another node and another ramp. Take out the node. Go up the ramp and as Shepard enters room there is an opening to the left with another node. Kill the node. Go down the ramp.

Climb the stairs. When Shepard reaches the landing the creepers will awaken. Kill them and the Asari. Climb to the top. Then follow the hallway killing creepers. At end is the last node.

Dispose of it and a cut scene will show an Asari named Shiala drop out of a sac.

After the conversation Shepard will be back in the Colony.

Find Ledra, he is near May O'Donnel. Buy the license he sells. When you’re done off to The Normandy.