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Mass Effect Walkthrough Peak 15

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As Shepard enters the Peak 15 garage several enemies attack. Keep going straight ahead. Take the stairs on the left. At top go to the left. At other end is an upgrade kit. Take the door on right side.

After discussion on the turrets, go through door. Head right to security office for an upgrade kit and a secure storage locker. After go back to elevator and ride it up. Exit the elevator. Go straight through the door and a fight. After the Geth are killed a new enemy appears. It's the Rachni.

Kill them as well. Climb the stairs. Go around to the left and follow the hallway. At the end is an elevator. Ride it to the next floor.

Exit elevator and follow hallway. When Shepard enters the door, small Rachni attack. Use the power junction.

Continue to round room and circle around and use the Mira enter core.

Now use the Memory Core.

The idea here is to move the memory around. Shepard can use omni-gel or do a manual reboot. To solve this first you press one button then the next. The solution is X - Y X - B Y - B X - Y B - X B - Y X - Y X - B Y - B Y - X B - X Y - B X - Y X - B Y - B After the VI core is rebooted she will talk to Shepard.

After the chat with Mira Shepard needs to use elevator behind him. It leads to the roof. Exit the elevator and follow the hallway to a door. Open the door and fight the Rachni up here. Past the landline is a locked crate. Use the Landlines to fix them. Head back to elevator and ride it down.

When Shepard reaches the big room on the other side of the Mira core a Rachni soldier will pop out of the floor. Take the door to the left. Follow the hallway to an elevator.

Exit the elevator and follow the hallway. As Shepard nears the door the mini radar will get jammed. This must mean a Geth ambush party. Kill them. Be careful on the right side above and behind Shepard is a Geth Juggernaut. Go around either side. On the Far side will be Fix fuel Lines. Use it.

Head back to the elevator and ride it up. Follow the hallway back to main room. Another Rachni soldier will appear. Kill it. Now enter the door straight ahead. Follow the hallway. Enter the elevator and ride it to next floor.

Exit the elevator and follow the hallway. Mira will inform Shepard that there is a containment cell in the decompression chamber. The door is locked so hack it and prepare for 2 Rachni soldiers. Behind the other door is Rachni workers. Kill them all. Follow the hallway. As Shepard enters the station head to the right and make way to the tram at the back. Enter the tram and use it.