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Mass Effect Walkthrough Noveria

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Use the Galaxy Map. Zoom all the back out. Choose Horse Head Nebula cluster. Next go to the Pax system. Then go to the Planet Noveria.

Leave the Ship and choose a shore party.

Once outside, follow the walkway to the right. Go to the right at the end. Keep following the path and Shepard will run into Maeko and Kaira.

After the conversation, go through the nearby door. Go up the stairs, and through the moving lights. A conversation with Gianna will begin.

After the conversation head down the stairs and enter the elevator at the bottom.

When Shepard exits the elevator, go straight and enter opening to right. Talk to Merchant Opold. Buy the license from him.

When Shepard leaves the merchant, go straight until he hits a wall. Then go west and through door. Go across room and through door. Talk to Gianna. Ask to see Administrator Anoleis.

Go around behind Gianna and use the door control. Enter room and talk to Anoleis.

Go talk to Gianna again.

Leave the office. When he is outside, Shepard needs to go to the hotel. Head back towards the merchant but just before the final stairs up turn left. Head straight until Shepard reaches a wall. Turn right and head up the stairs. At the top turn left and go behind the mini wall. Enter the elevator.

Once off the elevator head straight and towards the back on the left will be a table with a lone occupant. Talk to Lorik.

Now time to get Lorik's evidence. Head back to the elevator and ride it down. Go back around the mini wall and take the stairs to the right. Head straight until Shepard hits the wall. Then head to the right and follow the hallway to the elevator, which will be on the left. Ride the elevator up.

Mission 5 - Synthetic Insight Offices

Follow the hallway and enter room to start conversation with the ERCS Guard.

After the conversation combat will begin. Kill the guards. When done head up the stairs that were to the right as Shepard came into the room. At the top make way to the south west corner. Head across bridge and enter room. The computer should be on the desk.

Now time to head back to Lorik in the hotel. On the way out Kaira will confront Shepard. After conversation she'll attack.

Continue on the way to hotel. At bottom of elevator Gianna will be waiting and will start talking. Continue to hotel.

At the hotel, talk to Gianna at the bar. Accept her offer.

Now let's talk to Lorik. Convince him to testify.

Now go to Gianna in the Administrator's office. Talk to her.

After the conversation and cut scene it's time to head for the garage. Leave the office. Go straight like you’re going to Synthetic Insights Offices. Past the elevator is the garage.

When Shepard enters the garage a cut scene will begin. Seem Benezia left a Geth greeting party. Greet them with business end of a gun.

After the fight, talk to Maeko.

After talking to Maeko head to far side of room and get in the Mako. Exit the garage.