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Mass Effect Walkthrough Aleutsk Valley

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Follow the road. As Shepard comes around the first big bend there will be some Geth troopers and a turret at the beginning of tunnel. As Shepard continues down the tunnel there will be more Geth. There are 2 upgrade kits half way through the tunnel.

When Shepard exits the tunnel a Geth Armature will attack.

Once the Geth are taken care of continue to follow the road. At the entrance to the next tunnel will be some more Geth ground troops. After they're dealt with continue on the road. As Shepard exits this tunnel there will be a Geth turret.

As Shepard gets to the fourth bend in the road there will be a Geth turret on the hill. Continue on the road after its destruction. Shortly after, another turret on the hill will attack. When Shepard rounds the last bend at Peak 15 Labs will be a turret on the hill, left side of road. After its destruction it's time to bail out of the Mako and enter the Peak 15 Lab.