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Mass Effect Walkthrough ExoGeni Headquaters

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Drop down and follow the hallway. A cut scene starts when Shepard reaches the big room. After the conversation with Lizbeth a battle begins.

After killing the varren in the SW corner is a door and stairs up. Take them. At the top a cut scene will begin of a Krogan and a VI. Battle begins with the Krogan after the VI tells it that lines are forming for its use. After the Krogan is dead the VI will talk to Lizbeth(Shepard).

After the talk with the VI turn left. Follow the hallway. At the end is a room with some Geth to kill. The party will also discuss that the claws are too big to dislodge with conventional weapons.

At the bottom of the stairs is an opening to the left. Follow the hallway. In the room will be some Geth dispose of them. Then take the left hallway. Climb the stairs. In the big room is several Geth.

Climb stairs and find more Geth. Another discussion about how conventional weapons won't hurt the claw. Use the shuttle bay door control to get a note about door issues.

Use the 5 psi switch, the 17 psi switch, and finally the 11 psi switch. Cut scene will show the Geth ship falling.

After cut scene Joker will call shore party. After conversation, head back to stairs and then down them. Go through door that had force field in it. A conversation with Lizbeth will start.

After conversation run back to where the Mako is parked. Time to head back to Lizbeth's mother for some answers. When the Mako clears the doors the party finds some Geth to kill.

Kill these Geth. Follow the road back to the ramps. At the bottom Lizbeth will get out.

Get out and go down the ramp. A cut scene will begin. When you are done, save the Zhu's Hope colonists.

As Shepard travel back to Zhu's Hope more Geth show up to die. Help them with their wish.

At the door to Zhu's Hope, a cut scene will show a thorian creeper. Kill the creeper. Then Shepard will be given a choice "not to harm the colonists", or "wipe them all out".

When Shepard opens the door there will be many creepers. Wipe them out. By the elevator will be some colonists use the grenades or rifle butt them.

Then ride the elevator up. As Shepard rounds the corners he will find more creepers. Past the door will be some colonist. Head down the stairs. There are more creepers to kill here.

Go to the right. At the Zhu's Hope Shepard must go around the right side. Proceed to the crane controls. Kill the creepers and stun colonist as Shepard makes his way. Use the controls.

A cut scene will begin where Fai Dan shoots himself.

After the cut scene, go down the stairs to the Thorian Lair.