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Max Payne 2: The Fall of Max Payne Walkthrough Part 3: Waking Up from the American Dream - Chapter Four: Dearest of All My Friends

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Watch the graphic novel.

A cutscene plays. You need to protect Vinnie from Vlad's mercs. If they kill him the bomb inside his costume will explode.

Enemies will start rushing you from the windows. Hold them off until Vinnie tells you to follow him.

Shoot the guy standing on top of the outside wall. This will trigger another wave of enemies.

Kill them all to proceed. MP5's scope is very good in this situation.

Vinnie tells you to follow him to the garage backdoor. Be on your guard for any bad guys who are trying to get him.

The exit door is too small for his big costume head. You will have to take a detour.

The gray cabinet nearby contains some painkillers.

Follow Vinnie to your next destination.

He will get on an extremely slow elevator. Do not get in after him because it will be very hard for you to dodge any incoming attacks. Instead, wait outside and fight any attackers.

Get up the stairs that are near the elevator. You can use them as an advantage against the mercs.

Once the rush of enemies ceases, get inside Vinnies apartment on the second floor. In the right wardrobe you will find some M4 ammo and painkillers.

Vinnie's apartment offers a bit of quiet time before the next fight. You can explore it if you wish.

To proceed you need to get outside on the terrace and shoot the wall. You will hear some mercs talking behind it and you will know where to aim.

When you jump outside, a van will crash through the gates near you. Throwing a grenade just before the mercs come out might be useful.

Afterwards follow Vinnie.

Fight off any incoming enemies as Vinnie is trying to get inside the garage.

Follow him inside once he starts trying to close the door.

Get to the second floor and use the car lift controls to help Vinnie get up.

Another van crashes in. Kill everyone inside it. Then follow Vinnie.

Hold off any invaders until Vinnie can get to his van.

When Vinnie reaches the van you can go to him to end the map.

A cutscene plays. Max and Vinnie speed away in a van.

Watch the graphic novel. This concludes part 3: chapter 4.