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Max Payne 2: The Fall of Max Payne Walkthrough Part 3: Waking Up from the American Dream - Chapter Two: On a Crash Course

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A cutscene plays. Max returns to Vlad's restaurant after realising he was betrayed.

Some of Vlad's russian thugs are watching TV. You can attack them now or you can go to your right by jumping over the tables.

Through a passage on your right, you can enter a room in which you can find painkillers and ammo to help you fight.

By the time you get the items, your enemies will attack you. Start fighting your way to the inside of the building.

Get inside the double door that is next to the bar.

Grab some painkillers from the kitchen and go through the wooden door on your left.

Move past the main restaurant hall and get up the scaffolding.

On the second floor, move through the double doors on the right.

You can find some more ammo at the end of the main hall.

Then get up the side staircase.

They will try to ambush you at this door. Get inside there.

After you step inside the next room you will see a mop dressed as a cleaner surrounded by explosives. Don't let them get the better of you. Proceed down this room and surprise the bad guys back.

Two russians are waiting with fingers in their ears for their trap to work. Tell them they failed.

When you deal with those two, you will hear that the trap was sprung by someone else. You will see a hole in the wall made by the explosion. Get up the stairs through there.

Cross this pathway and get down the stairs on the other side.

Some enemies will come from a doorway on the opposite side of the stairs you are descending. Kill them and get inside the room they were guarding.

Proceed through the door on your right. But first prepare to fight off a big group of mercs.

Most of the mercenaries will be wearing bulletproof vests from now on. Aim for the head for best results.

Go down the stairs.

More mercs in the garage downstairs. Use whatever you can against them.

You can find some much needed painkillers in one of their black vans.

Proceed up another flight of stairs.

Clear each floor as you go up.

On the last floor you will find Vlad's office. Inside are the two remaining enemies for this level.

A cutscene plays. Max knows where to go now.

Watch the graphic novel. This concludes part 3: chapter 2.