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Max Payne 2: The Fall of Max Payne Walkthrough Part 3: Waking Up from the American Dream - Chapter One: Too Stubborn to Die

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You are once again in the hospital morgue. A cleaner has you trapped.

Get the painkillers from the cabinet. You will need them later.

To be able to progress in this map you will have to run away from the bad guys for a bit until you can find a weapon to fight back.

When you open the door, you will push back the cleaner. Run up the stairs through the red double door.

On the second floor you can get inside this ward. Go to your left.

Move through surgery.

Then go straight to recovery. It has a keypad with green lights.

You will end up in an office space. Find a good hiding spot around here and wait for the cleaners.

While they are trying to find you, a security guard will try to stop them. When they kill him you can get his pistol to fight back.

Get through the door which the guard just opened. Then go inside the door on the left.

On the security monitors in this room you can see Bravura getting a surgery, he is 'too stubborn to die'.

In the next room the mercs kill another guard. Make your way through there.

If you need more ammo and painkillers, try searching any lockers and cabinets you can find.

Run to the end of the hall.

You can enter this room to get more painkillers.

At the end of the next corridor more enemies will attack you.

Enter the next room beside the interfectum ad.

Go through the door with the exit sign. Beware that many cleaners wait on the other side.

You can choose to wait for them upstairs and kill them off one by one. Or you can pick a more direct approach. Keep going down the stairs.

You will reach the hospital's garage. One last battle here. Use the cars as cover. You can aim with the scope of your MP5 and shoot behind cover without exposing yourself too much.

Proceed to the end of the garage. This concludes part 3: chapter 1.