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Max Payne 2: The Fall of Max Payne Walkthrough Part 2: A Binary Choice - Chapter Five: Out of the Window

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A cutscene plays. Max wants Mona to call the police. She doesn't agree with him.

In the area you start this level, wait for a merc to jump down after you. Don't let him surprise you.

Proceed down this area and go to your right.

If you perform a tricky jump from the planks that are just hanging over a deep hole, on the other side you will find three painkillers. Do this only if you need the aid.

At the end of the area, pass the wooden door.

In the next section, enemies are waiting for you on a perched position. Try to move below them and take them out at your own pace.

Keep moving forward.

You will see Max jumping out of the window.

A cutscene plays. Max is trapped under some planks. Mona will have to cover him until he can get up.

A guy will try to surprise you by knocking a door down. Kill him and then stop the other mercs who are trying to get to Max below.

Use bullettime for easier aim if you need to.

Once you kill the first wave of mercs, Max will be able to fight back. You need to move to this position and cover him as he runs forward.

Eventually Max will get pinned by a sniper. You need to backtrack to where you came from and find a better position to help him.

Keep going back.

When you kill two more mercs on your way back, you will find the next sniping spot on your left.

Getting rid of this sniper will allow Max to continue his search for an exit.

You will have to find another sniping spot once again. Keep backtracking and fight the mercs on your way.

The ex-cleaners will blow up a door. Get through there.

After some more fighting, go through the wooden door on your right.

You will finally find a suitable place to snipe from. Get on the second floor of the scaffolding and kill the sniper behind the yellow cover.

Max will go to the next area.

Continue ahead to the area you will find near your sniping spot.

Jump down here to conclude part 2: chapter 5.