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Max Payne 2: The Fall of Max Payne Walkthrough Part 2: A Binary Choice - Chapter Three: Blowing Up

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A cutscene plays. Max gets shot at by some cleaners and they accidentally set off the explosives stored in the room.

You will have to move fast as the entire level is blowing up after you. Get some painkillers from the red cross box and exit this room to your right.

Continue down the right corridor.

Enter the last white door you find. A cleaner will blow himself up in this room. Move through the newly created passage.

Shoot the explosives next to the cracked wall to create an exit for yourself.

Jump to the outside area.

Carefully navigate this concrete path until you reach the entrance on your left.

Go to the end of the corridor on your right.

Jump down the concrete blocks and turn around.

When you reach the end of this corridor two cleaners will be waiting down. Use the explosives laying around to get rid of them easily. Then jump down.

Run through the next corridor and watch out for any falling concrete.

After that you will find a room with mercs. Shoot them or use explosives.

You will have to go to the lower floor through a hole in the ground. But before you do, shoot the red barrels that are lined up. This will kill some of the mercs who are waiting down.

Time to jump down.

The mercs are standing casually by some explosive containers. Teach them a lesson in safety.

Jump on the caskets.

Move through the double door and go to the right.

The corridor is blocked by flames. Take a detour through the broken wall.

This last section of the map might look scary but if you run in the middle and jump over the tables you will be safe. Just don't stop for any reason.

A cutscene plays. Max jumps outside a window just in time. This concludes part 2: chapter 3.