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Max Payne 2: The Fall of Max Payne Walkthrough Part 1: The Darkness Inside - Chapter Seven: The Million Dollar Question

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Cutscene plays. Max and Mona are going after some guy in a suit to ask him some questions. Mona will guide Max from the lobby using the security cameras.

Get out the elevator. Move forward and then to your left.

Two cleaners are guarding a room. This door will be locked. Go to your right and enter the next apartment.

Door next to the big picture, as Mona tells you on comms.

The cleaners were in the middle of some clean up. Follow the blood trail.

You will find a dead guy in the bathtub. He isn't the one you are looking for. Get back to the main hall.

Go out on the balcony.

Through the destroyed fence.

Get inside the next apartment and look around.

You will find nothing. Then proceed up the stairs.

On the second floor expect five cleaners. When you kill them go to the study.

The guy you've been looking for is dead, waiting to be wrapped up by the cleaners. It's time to get out.

A cutscene plays. The conspiracy thickens.

In the same apartment you can find some painkillers in the bathroom.

A cleaner with M4 will get in through the front door. Get out the same way.

More cleaners to the right.

Move through this apartment and get down the stairs.

Ruin these guys' piano performance and get to the balcony.

You have to jump down from here.

On the lower balcony you can surprise two bad guys.

A lot of enemies are in the next room so try to thin them out with grenades.

One more should be camping the kitchen.

Get out the front door and see someone being gunned down by the cleaners.

He will drop some painkillers. Deal with his murderers and enter the apartment on your left.

Down the stairs.

When you get out the apartment you will see a cleaner to your right.

Get inside the place he was guarding.

A few more to deal with inside. Then get out the window.

Outside you will land on a lift. Press the button to go down. Regrettably the lift will stop.

The cleaners will start throwing stuff at you from above, so you will have to get down fast.

Start jumping down the scaffolding.

You will see a cleaner blasting off some guy from a window. Get inside there.

Get outside the apartment and go to your right.

Finish off the rest of the cleaners and go to the right.

When you kill everyone on the floor you are introduced to Kaufman. Presumably the leader of the cleaners. He won't last long.

He and his thugs will arrive from the elevators. Kaufman has a bit more health than a normal cleaner so just try to headshot him or stun him with a grenade.

When you deal with Kaufman's group, a few more enemies will attack you from behind.

The last two cleaners for this level will come from the elevator. Once you kill them all, get inside the elevator.

A cutscene plays. The police have the building surrounded. This concludes part 1: chapter 7.