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Max Payne 2: The Fall of Max Payne Walkthrough Part 1: The Darkness Inside - Chapter Six: A Linear Sequence of Scares

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A cutscene plays. Max goes to look for Mona in an abandoned amusement park.

You can find a painkiller inside the tickets booth. Continue up the path afterwards. This level has no enemies, but it is a bit strange.

Through the wormhole you go inside Noir York city.

Go to your left and see a cardboard cutout killer passing by. Follow him inside.

The cardboard bad guy decapitates a cheerleader. Move past them.

Get inside the inviting cage.

You are surrounded by cardboard doctors. Wait for the cage to go down.

In a cutscene you are introduced to the inhabitants of the asylum.

Follow the exit signs.

The pink flamingo follows your every step.

Time to make a daring escape from the asylum. Move past the cutouts.

Before you escape they give you a 'shot'. Everything in this level somehow ties with Max's past and his subconscious.

When you enter the section with spinning floors just keep going to your left.

Answer the phone and wait for the wall to rise up.

Enter the wormhole and at the end of it go to your left.

The signs mock you. "There is no escape." Make your own way to the left.

Continue down the corridor and then get up the stairs.

At the second floor you will find your way around the back of Mona's place. Jump on the rooftop and get inside her hideout through the open window.

You will find some guns and ammo around Mona's rooms.

When you are done looking around you will find Mona in the shower.

A cutscene plays. Mona doesn't sound concerned for her safety.

Watch the graphic novel. This concludes part 1: chapter 6.