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Max Payne 2: The Fall of Max Payne Walkthrough Part 1: The Darkness Inside - Chapter Four: No 'Us' In This

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Watch the graphic novel.

A cutscene plays. Max is attacked in his apartment by a sniper.

Get out of the apartment and go to your left.

You see Mona running away but you can't follow her. Go to your left at the end of the corridor.

Your neighbor deals with a cleaner. She will give you a shotgun if you talk to her.

You need to step outside the window.

Jump from one balcony to another.

Get inside the first window you reach. Go to your left from this room.

Some homeless guy is having a nap here. You can get a reaction out of him if you turn off his TV.

Get outside the window.

And get in the next one.

Some cleaners will come up the stairs. You can wait for them to pass, so you can surprise them.

Go to the end of this corridor once you kill them.

An old lady will come out of her apartment. If you talk to her, she will open the door to her bathroom. Inside you will find some painkillers.

Go through her apartment to reach another window.

Outside more cleaners are waiting. Kill them all to make the balconies easier to navigate.

Go up the scaffolding on your left.

You reach the window from where the sniper was shooting you. A cutscene plays. Max realises he's been under surveillance for a long time. You can get the sniper rifle from this room.

If you use the camera in the room you can see your own apartment full with cleaners, setting up a bomb. They blow themselves up by accident.

Get out of the apartment go down the corridor on the right.

You will reach a staircase. Kill some more bad guys and get up the stairs.

When you reach the 7th floor you will see a locked door. You need the combination code from the janitor to open it. Go inside the elevator on your left.

On the ground floor more cleaners will attack you. Follow the red signs leading to the basement.

In the basement you will find the janitor. He will give you the code for the 7th floor suites. 667. The neighbor of the beast.

On your way back some cleaners will try to stop you. Get inside the elevator you came from before.

On the 7th floor, use the keypad with red light. It will turn to green and the door will unlock.

On your left a group of cleaners will get outside an apartment. Get inside it once you clean them out.

One more enemy waits in the kitchen.

Get outside the window you find and follow the balcony.

Jump over this gap.

When you reach a dead end jump down to the next balcony.

Jump down one more time.

Get inside an apartment through the window.

This concludes part 1: chapter 4.