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Max Payne 2: The Fall of Max Payne Walkthrough Part 1: The Darkness Inside - Chapter Two: A Criminal Mastermind

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Watch the graphic novel.

A cutscene plays. Max goes to visit an old friend.

You are inside an old cathedral that was turned into a nightclub in the previous game. Currently being renovated into a restaurant.

You can find some ammo and painkillers to the right near the bodies.

Then go up the stairs.

Dispatch three enemies here and go to the right.

In this room you will find some painkillers in a cupboard. You can listen to a conversation going on at the phone with red light, but only way to hear it is to use the phone before using the microphone on the left.

Get out the room with the mic and continue up the stairs.

You are introduced to 'Mike the cowboy'. He works for your old acquaintance.

When he deals with some mobsters, he offers his help to you. He will help you fight your enemies but he is not needed for completing the map. Depending on his survival in this map or not, later parts of the game will be changed very slightly.

At the last floor you will see some of his work. Continue to the right.

Some mobsters are rummaging this storage room. Once you clear them out, you can stock up on some items yourself.

After the storage room you will see some bad guys closing a door in your face. You will have to get to them later. Go up the stairs.

Lots of enemies wait in the attic area.

To clear out the room properly go to your right and down the stairs. Watch out for some enemies above you.

This path leads to the next area.

Go down the stairs, but watch out for enemies trying to shoot you from below.

Enter the door on your right.

More mobsters are waiting for you inside. The green cupboard has some painkillers and ammo.

Some more enemies are in the next area. Use the small scaffolding to get to the lower floor.

Down, you will find a double door. It's good to quicksave before you enter here, because an intense firefight will ensue once you enter the next room.

Enemies will keep attacking you from above in here. You will have to kill them all before you can proceed. Try to move around and use whatever cover you can find.

When you kill enough enemies a cutscene plays. You are introduced to the mobster Vinnie Gognitti. Max had to chase him for information in the previous game.

Vladimir Lem is also introduced in this cutscene. He has helped Max before, so Max returns the favor now.

When the cutscene ends, three more gangsters will come from the door on your left. Deal with them and get inside the room they came from.

At the end of the room you will find a small pathway leading outside.

A cutscene plays, Vinnie runs away and you are greeted by Vlad.

Watch the graphic novel. This concludes part 1: chapter 2.