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Max Payne 2: The Fall of Max Payne Walkthrough Part 1: The Darkness Inside - Chapter One: Elevator Doors

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Watch the graphic novel.

Max Payne arrives on the scene and hears gunshots. Time to investigate.

You will see two black vans parked outside.

In one of them you will find some ammo and a painkiller.

All of the front entrances are closed so you will have to go around the alley on the right.

The door leads to the interior of the warehouses.

When you get close to the first office space you will see a cutscene.

Checking out every drawer might pay off sometime. A painkiller is inside this one.

When you continue along the path with boxes and containers you will find a metal sliding door.

As you approach the door, a cutscene will play. Some guy in a cleaner outfit will tell you a story. It's up to you if you believe him.

The cleaner leads you to another door.

He and another buddy of his will attack you. Time to fight back.

Continue through the next sliding door.

More cleaners at this corner, standing over a body.

Past them you will find a door on your left.

Inside you will find stairs to the second floor.

More bad guys are upstairs. You can surprise them by shooting some cans with gasoline.

On the second floor you will find an empty gun storage. Go through the door on left.

You will find a phone with flashing red light. You can listen to conversations from other characters on phones such as this and fill more gaps of the story.

Proceed through the next room and hear some shouts nearby. Go to the end of the room and find another door.

A cutscene plays. Some cleaners are holding the gunsmith hostage.

Sadly you cannot save her. Take whatever you find in this room and get outside. More enemies are coming.

They attack you from where you previously came in.

Once you kill them go to your right.

Some more cleaners will try to stop you. Get outside this room afterwards.

A cutscene plays. You are introduced to Mona Sax. She is a contract killer. In the previous game she decided to help Max at the worst possible moment.

Mona kills some cleaners and disappears. Press the elevator button and wait for the elevator to come up.

As the elevator goes down you will find yourself in another storage area. Prepare for a firefight.

Keep going forward.

A guy will crash a forklift for some reason. Shoot him before he gets off.

Three more cleaners will attack you. Go to your right when you kill them.

Another forklift crash. Move to your left fast, before he can bring down the containers on you.

When you finish off the last enemies you can go out this door.

A cutscene plays. The remaining cleaners escape in a black van.

Detective Winterson is introduced. She is a new character for the series.

Watch the graphic novel. This concludes part 1: chapter 1.