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Max Payne 2: The Fall of Max Payne Walkthrough Part 1: The Darkness Inside - Prologue

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Parts of the story in this game are told through a voiced graphic novel. Watch it as the story unfolds.

You are introduced to the main protagonist of the game through an in-game cutscene.

You wake up in a hospital. Get out the open door and go to your right.

Walk towards the double door.

A cutscene plays out in which Max remembers some events that happened to him.

As you go around the maps you will see orange containers with a red cross on them. You will find painkillers inside. You can use them to heal your character.

Go through the double door.

Inside you will find a dead guard.

As you approach his body a cutscene plays out. A masked mercenary will find you. Prepare to shoot him before he can do the same to you.

Every time you kill the last enemy in a zone, his body will fall down in slow motion.

You can pickup weapons and ammo from dead enemies. Proceed to the next room.

Another cutscene plays.

Go through the door and then to your right.

An elevator arrives for you. Get inside.

You are introduced to Jim Bravura in a cutscene. He was chasing you around the city in the previous Max Payne game but now he is your boss.

A merc attacks you in the cutscene, setting off a bottle with explosive gas.

The explosion sends the elevator down, and you lose your weapons.

Get out the destroyed elevator.

You will find the morgue here.

A cutscene plays.

Followed by a graphic novel. This concludes the prologue.