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Max Payne 2: The Fall of Max Payne Walkthrough Part 2: A Binary Choice - Chapter One: The Things that I Want

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Watch the graphic novel.

A cutscene plays. Max and Mona are attacked at the abandoned fun house by the cleaners.

Max gets separated from Mona. You will have to fight the cleaners alone for now.

Continue up the stairs.

At the end of the corridor, behind a door passage you can find AK 47s and ammo.

Three painkillers are on the second floor.

On the last floor you will be in the fun house backdrops. Go over the chain-link passage and continue to your right. Beware of some cleaners below, who are exploring the amusements.

Enter the painted door.

Inside you will see some cleaners getting up the cage-elevator you once used yourself. If you press the lever in time, you can kill them with the falling syringe prop.

The next area of backdrops is invaded by cleaners. You can use the green gas cans lying around to blow them up.

When you clean the place, get down the stairs.

Go to the end of this corridor and pass a door on your right.

A cutscene plays. Mona is covering you from the top floor.

Enter the fake garage and face some more enemies. Then get up to the second floor.

Get past this familiar murder scene.

A cutscene plays. Mona continues to help you from above.

Kill the opposition and enter a door on your left, through the next garage you see.

Many cleaners are camped up here. Mona will help you shoot them down.

At the end of the long backstage area you will find a door leading to the outside. Finish one last guy hiding in there.

A cutscene plays. The cleaners' black vans are speeding away. Max is sick of them and decides to catch a ride to their hideout.

Watch the graphic novel. This concludes part 2: chapter 1.