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Max Payne 2: The Fall of Max Payne Walkthrough Part 2: A Binary Choice - Chapter Two: In the Middle of Something

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A cutsene plays. Max arrives inside the base of the cleaners.

Head inside the building.

Some of the cleaners will get back to see what happened to the guy you killed in the cutscene. Get up the stairs once you surprise them.

Get outside through the double door on your left.

Get up the escalator. Two cleaners upstairs.

Move past the cleaners you just killed and get inside the next double door. You will have to shoot the red containers with explosives you see in this room. Get to a safe distance before they explode.

When the explosions stop you will see a passage inside the elevator shaft.

The elevator doors will block your way but don't worry, just push them aside.

Go through two doors on your right that lead outside.

The outside area has guards. Kill them all.

Get inside through the door you will see on the right from the guard booth.

Move forward through the white door, then enter the double door.

The next area splits in two corridors, one to the left and one to the right. Both of them will have enemies. You can decide which path you want to clear first.

At the end of the right corridor you will find a double door. Beyound it is a room with lots of chairs piled on top of some explosives. If you shoot the explosives you will find ammo and a sniper rifle underneath.

Afterwards get up the stairs.

On the last floor the path is partially destroyed. You will have to jump on the support beam to get to the other side.

Another area with two corridors. Once you are done cleaning through it, go to your right.

The two corridors converge on a locked double door. You will have to bypass it by going around through the door on your left.

Move past a destroyed section of the wall and enter the next white door you see. Many cleaners have barricaded that place so thread carefully.

Once the big hall is safe you will have to cross over the support beams to reach the open door on the other side.

Just hug the left side of the very unsafe looking crumbling concrete path until you reach the door.

A cutscene plays. Max finds a big stash of weapons.

Continue up the stairs.

Jump over the destroyed pathway. Some cleaners will try to shoot you from below.

In the next room, go inside the elevator shaft and climb up the stacked ammo crates.

If you shoot these explosives the path will be destroyed. Watch out for some mercs coming outside the double door.

Max wonders who are these guys. Continue up the stairs.

You come across the cleaners' jump suits. Max realises that the cleaners and the high-tech mercs are the same group. Get up some more stairs.

Go across the last passage. The mercs are waiting on the other side.

Get inside the room with windowed door.

Watch the graphic novel. This concludes part 2: chapter 2.