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Max Payne 2: The Fall of Max Payne Walkthrough Part 2: A Binary Choice - Chapter Six: The Genius of the Hole

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Take out the sniper overlook and get in his position.

Shoot the gas bottles to disperse the mercs.

Max will try to find an exit, but this door is locked.

A sniper pins down Max once again. As before, you have to find a better spot to snipe from.

Move inside the building and go to you right.

Kill the enemies trying to stop you and move through the door with the hard hat area sign above it.

Go through the next wooden door.

To the right you will find the scaffolding you are looking for.

Kill this sniper and prepare to shoot down more enemies as they try to rush Max.

They will come just under the spot you are at. Kill them all before they can shoot Max.

Two mercs will attack you from the scaffolding above you. They will lower a ramp aswell. Go up the ramp. At this time Max will find his way and you no longer need to babysit him.

Move inside the building and go to your right.

Find a smaller scaffolding and snipe the guy running on your right to spawn more enemies.

Move to the next hard hat area.

Go down the elevator shaft the merc was trying to climb.

Then get down the passageway connecting the two buildings.

Keep clearing a path to your right.

Down the scaffolding.

Continue down this ramp.

More enemies down. Go down the stairs located under the gas tank.

Keep going down. Few more mercs are waiting for you outside.

Snipe down the mercs perched on top of the scaffolding in front of you.

Run outside and go to your left.

Snipe the last two bad guys that are talking to each other, then move towards the location they were standing at.

You will see a red lift. Get inside it.

A cutscene plays. Winterson is involved in this after all.

Watch the graphic novel. This concludes part 2: chapter 6.