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Max Payne 2: The Fall of Max Payne Walkthrough Part 3: Waking Up from the American Dream - Chapter Three: A Mob-War

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A cutscene plays. Max comes crashing in with a cleaners' van.

Get out of the room where the van crashed and hide. Two mercs will investigate. Surpise them from behind.

This level is somewhat a maze. You can go through it very fast if you know where to go. But if you want to explore some side roads you can do so. Climb the stairs.

Get inside the apartment on the left of the valkyr graffiti.

Shoot the red gas can that is perched outside.

Climb up the newly created pathway and surprise some mobsters.

Continue through a destroyed part of a wall on your right.

Enter the first door on your left.

Kill some bad guys coming from upstairs. Then go down the stairs yourself.

Go just one floor down, then to your left.

Move through a green door.

Walk over the planks that lead to the other building.

Move one floor up from here.

Get through the first door on your left.

Then immediately go right. You will see two mobsters trying to pass over some rickety plank bridge. Kill them and go over that same bridge.

Watch your step and press on.

Get close to the black door on your left.

A cutscene plays. A few gangsters mistake Max for their backup. You can teamup with them for a short while to fight the mercs.

One of them will break a door down. Get ready for a firefight versus the cleaners.

The mercs will start attacking you from the end of this street.

Continue down the next street. A few more enemies will attack.

Go through the green door on your right.

At the end of the alley a black van will attack some gangsters. The only winner in this mob-war should be you.

When you get close to the wall on the other side of the street a cutscene will play.

Vinnie is in a pickle. This conludes part 3: chapter 3.