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Max Payne 2: The Fall of Max Payne Walkthrough Part 3: Waking Up from the American Dream - Chapter Seven: Love Hurts

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Mona and Max arrive at Alfred Woden's manor to stop Vlad.

The courtyard is full with enemies. Mona will shoot down anyone in her sights. You can get some painkillers from the van you are using as cover.

The last two remaining mercs that are in the outer courtyard are on top of a balcony.

Get inside the manor through the front doors.

Notice that there are C4 explosives placed on the support pillars.

Once you try to get through the inner doors you will hear a merc shouting to blow up the C4.

When the first pillar blows up, a part of the ceiling will crash down.

Immediately jump on top of that crashed piece. Then wait for the rest of the ceiling sections to fall down. If you don't move away from your spot you will be safe.

When the entire ceiling falls down, the doors to the inside area will open.

Go through the glass doors on your right.

When you kill the mercs who are outside, the shutters of the windows will come up.

Get inside the previously closed section of the manor. Enter the last door on your right in this corridor.

You can find painkillers in the wardrobe near the TV in this room.

The next area is a small library. When you enter it, run forward or to your right. A merc will try to crash a bookcase on top of you if you stay at the entrance for too long.

Kill the guy who is on the second floor.

Mona will arrive on the second floor. Leave her to kill off any remaining enemies there.

Once the last guy on the second floor is dead, more will rush from the double door ahead of you.

Keep going forward. Check any cupboards for painkillers on your way.

Next up is the main hall of the manor. Kill the campers here and proceed to the next corridor.

Get up the stairs. Beware of more bad guys camping.

Get inside the room from which more enemies are coming.

Check the security room lockers for ammo and painkillers.

You can observe the security cameras from here to see other parts of the manor.

Your path will lead you to another outside area. Clear it out to be able to proceed.

The next door on the second floor will be unlocked by a guy loaded with molotovs. Kill him and continue on your way upstairs.

Max and Mona exchange a few words before parting ways again. Continue to your left.

At the end of the corridor you will find the inner courtyard. The barricaded guys you see can be taken out fast by a shot in the explosives near them.

Once you clear out the yard a cutscene will play. Mona and Max meet up again and enter the inner sanctum of the manor.

Watch the graphic novel. This concludes part 3: chapter 7.