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Max Payne 2: The Fall of Max Payne Walkthrough Part 3: Waking Up from the American Dream - Chapter Eight: That Old Familiar Feeling

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A cutscene plays. Max and Vlad have a short brawl which results in the floor getting blown up. Both of them fall to the cellars. It's time to hunt down Vlad for good.

Kill the first guy in a suit you see. Be careful with your aim because you only have ten shots.

When you kill him you will see Woden's panic room crashing down behind you. Get inside it immediately.

Once you are inside the panic room, close the door. Wait for a loud explosion to occur. Only after that happens, you can go outside again.

Move deeper in the cellars and collect any weapons you can find from fallen enemies.

Drop down to the lower basement.

Keep moving through each room as fast as you can, because explosives will start dropping down after you.

Wait for part of the ceiling to drop down, and only after that, attempt the jump to the other side of the wooden path.

Before you start climbing the stairs kill the guy who is hiding behind the massive pile of boxes.

Once you go on top of the stairs and open the door you will see explosives and gas cans. The mercs will throw grenades on top of all that. Run or dodge back as fast as possible. There's a big chance you will die if you try to rush in.

Push up the stairs and deal with the campers.

Vlad will taunt Max behind the safety of the bulletproof glass. Wait until the door slides open.

Two 'killer suits' will wait for you in Woden's main office.

Stock up on any ammo and painkillers you can find here. You can use the TV and phone in the office to fill in some more pieces of the story.

Get up the elevator.

A few more enemies will try to stop you in Woden's bedroom.

When you pass the next door you will see Vlad himself covering this lift. Shoot him to scare him into hiding.

Press the arrow button on your left to lower the lift.

Vlad will use the locker as cover and halt the lift from above. When he does that, press the button on your left again.

When the lift goes down, get on it and use its controls to go up. Vlad will run off through the door in the middle and send a few more troops to slow you down.

Before you pass this last door it's best to have your MP5 out. It is the best weapon for dealing with the last area fast.

A cutscene plays. Vlad climbs on top of the 'observatory'.

You need to act quickly here. Vlad will start throwing C4s at you and the ground around you will start to crumble until there is none left. You have to shoot out the three orange nails that are holding the platform on which Vlad stands.

When the platform falls you need to shoot out the four nails holding the roof structure in place.

The roof structure crashes down. This will force Vlad to come down closer so you can shoot him.

At this moment Vlad will start throwing molotovs at you instead of C4s. Eventually he will reveal himself to you. You can kill him the old-fashioned way when he does.

Once you deal enough damage to him a cutscene will play.

Watch the conclusion of the graphic novel.

Congratulations! You have completed Max Payne 2.