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Metro 2033 Walkthrough Chapter 2: Riga

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This chapter start in a small bar, where Artyom enjoying his drink. Yeah, enjoy it for the last time. You've bigger task to handle next.

Before going anywhere, dont forget to take the ammo there.

Go meet that kid at the entrance.

To make you life easier, just give him an ammo. Or you can just ignore and follow this guide.

At the place you found that boy, go straight and it'll be a stair. Go down there and turn left.

Keep moving straight until...

You found another stair. Go up.

Go straight until...

You find another crossing. Through there.

Go talk to him.

Make sure to gear up and your gas mask at least more than 10. If not, take the ammo and go buy something.

Don't trust this woman. Ever.

When ready, talk to Bourbon again. Follow him to the next area. [End of subchapter]