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Metro 2033 Walkthrough Chapter 5: Depository

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Firstly, try to avoid the nosalis below there.

There is a weak door near the area before, break it to continue.

Keep going...

Another door. Break it.

When this nosalis come. *door break*. quickly find a place to hide. When he gone, go through the way that nosalis come.

Through the cracked at the wall.

Careful. :)

Go up...

Go through this to take cover from the nosalis.

When he gone. Move out from here.

THrough here. Try to run and dont waste your ammo.

Quickly enter the elevator in front.

When you finally get down here. Now it's time for the real fight.

Just shoot and run. It should be dead after a while.

Then, enter a door that half open like this. [End of subchapter]