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To begin, go into Singleplayer and type in anything for your 'World 'name.
Before you mess around with any other settings or jump in the game, let's set the 'seed'. To maximize becoming familiar with the wonderful game that is Minecraft, use the same seed as depicted so our levels will be the same. The seed is actually 434401652

Let's start!

You'll find yourself looking at some trees and maybe a few animals near you. Ignore the animals for now and cut down some trees. Head to the hill south and get a good look of your surroundings.

Alright. Now that we've cut down some trees and got a good view of where we are, lets start crafting some necessities.

Press E to open up your Inventory and place all your gathered Logs into the Crafting slot. Select the Wood Planks until you've depleted all your logs.

Now, take four planks and put each one in a Crafting Slot to create a Crafting Table.

Alright, now put the Crafting Table block into your quick slot bar and right-click anywhere to set it down.

Once you then right-click on the placed down Table, you can start crafting. Organize your planks as shown to create Sticks.

Once you've created Sticks, place some of your Wooden Planks to create a sword.

Then an axe.

Then a pickaxe....

And now we can create a house.

The sun is setting. Don't be distracted from your goal. Start creating a house by crafting all of your logs into Wood Planks

Take out your planks and right click on the ground to place it down.

You should try to create a square with the placed wood. Leave one side open.

A trick to creating a roof that looks a bit nicer: Place one more block on the wall then place another block right on that.

Then, take out your axe and destroy that wood plank. Continue with the roof

Ah, what a beautiful shed...I mean home!

Now let's create a door. Use any wood plank (oak. birch, or whatever) in this formula to create a Door.

I've created two so our house can be symmetrical and look nice.

Place the wood doors where you left a space for them. This way you don't have to constantly reuse building blocks just to enter/re-enter your home and damage your tools.

After a while, you're going to realize that it's dark out and you don't have any light. Start exploring until you see stone with black pixels dotting them. Equip your pickaxe and harvest them.

An arrow! Something is attacking you!


Quick! To combat skeletons (and other monsters) equip whatever sword you have and Left click! They'll flash red on every successful hit. Using fists or building blocks to attack will not do much damage.

Do you see that green thing frowning at you? That is a 'Creeper' and will explode if you come close. You should stay as far away as possible from these silent,walking bombs.

Quick tip to escape: Jump and place any block (preferably dirt! wood planks/logs are valuable!) under you quickly to gain altitude. Using this method I can easily return to my house upon the hill.

It's morning. You've survived your first night. Skeletons and zombies will burn under the beautiful sun and will no longer be a threat. Creepers, on the other hand, will remain. Beware.

Using a crafting table (or your own crafting square in your Inventory screen) you can place Coal on top of Sticks to create Torches. These are light sources and do not burn out. Right click on any block to place a Torch

To the right of your Health bar (the hearts) will be what looks like drumsticks. By your second morning, they'll be depleting rapidly. If you cut down a few trees or animals, they'll drop some food items. Luckily, I had an apple and could replenish my Hunger bar.

Your home is complete and your stomach is full. Congratulations! Sadly, my luck ran out and it began to rain. This means that monsters can still spawn without burning from the sun. Uh-oh.

Gathering resources.

By now you should be starting to mine Stone with your pickaxe. Stone is useful for making very cheap tools on the fly with a Crafting Table. Also makes for a fire-proof building material.

A CREEPER! It snuck up on me! Stay away from it while attacking it with your sword to keep distance!

It blew up! Creeper explosions can kill you (and take a chunk out of your home) instantly. I was far enough away and luckily I saw it first.

Now I'm in trouble. A skeleton is shooting and I'm halfway to starving to death. Double-tap W in quick succession to Sprint, draining your hunger but allowing you to GET OUT OF THERE!


Craft your stone (it becomes Cobblestone as soon as you mine it) in this manner to create a Furnace. Furnaces are necessary to smelt minerals, cook food, and do some other crazy stuff.

Furnaces must be powered before they can be put to use. Put any raw food item (in this scenario I found and killed some Chickens) on the top slot and Coal in the bottom slot.

Once powered with coal, your food will be cooking and ready in a few seconds.

WHAT'S THIS? Someone's trying to come inside! Before your manners kick in, realize that it's a ZOMBIE and it's trying to break the door!

Stand back, equip your sword!


Oh sweet lordy! If your sword is low on durability, it'll break mid-fight just like what's happening to me! KEEP PUNCHING! DON'T GIVE IN!


Don't forget to close the door, any more surprises and I'm six feet under.

Alright, back to the furnace. Cooked food is ready, and I've got a hunger that can swallow worlds!

Right-click with any food item to eat. Your hunger bar will replenish and once it's completely full, your health will regenerate. Woo!

Let's start bringing in the big guns. Using the same recipe for creating a Wooden sword, let's create a Stone sword instead, replacing the wood planks for Cobblestone.

Remember the formula for the Wood pickaxe? Try replacing the Wood Planks with Cobblestone for an awesome upgrade.

After surviving for so long, you're going to realize how cluttered your inventory is. Eventually, you'll run out of space. Unless you have enough wood to craft a Chest. Copy this formula for some more space.

Place all the things you can't build with or eat in your chest. You don't need those where you're going.

Let's start actually mining (it's been SO long!). Prepare a Stone Shovel with this formula so we can tear through the Dirt fast.

Let's start mining! Dig down.

Don't actually dig straight down. Start making a sort of stair---alternating between Picks and shovels for dirt and stone or you'll waste durability.

Don't forget about placing torches so you can see where you're going.

Now let's start making some stairs.

Gravel! I also hear monster sounds...zombies groaning....

Gravel has a chance to drop Flint. You should keep this for later on.

More flint!

Something is behind here....


Wait! Before you jump into a dungeon full of monsters, you should try to build a ledge where you can safely attack.

As shown, you can attack from this height.

Easy. Just attack!

Alright, let's jump down! (picture taken with F5)

Zombies are easy killings.

Alright! Once you've cleared the room, destroy the spawner with a pickaxe.

Then loot the chest left in the dungeon! It has IRON and some stuff we can't use just yet.

Remember to take the chest.

Let's continue down this dark road.

Iron! We've finally found iron! Equip a STONE (or better, if you have one) pickaxe and mine it.

It drops Iron Ore. You can't craft with this immediately, you'll have to 'cook' it in a furnace like you did with food. Then you can use it to craft armor and tools.

Turns out this mine isn't so far from home.

This is how you smelt Iron.

If you don't know how to craft iron tools, just enter in the ingredients for a stone tool and replace the cobblestone with Iron Ingots.

So let's keep exploring....

You can use water as an elevator, either going to the surface or down below...

And this stream goes down very far below....


Just build a bridge across with some disposable material like Dirt.

Now let's craft some armor.

This is the formula for Helmets, replace iron ingots with Leather, Gold, or Diamonds if you have any to create helmets of that material.

Looking sexy.

This is the formula for Chestplates.

For leggings....

And a view of the suit.

So, let's try out that elevator?

This is at the bottom.

There's light at the end. That can mean only one thing....


To make sure you don't fall over any edges, press SHIFT. This binds you to the current edge you're on so there's no way to fall down unless you remove the block under you.

Build a bridge to that iron!

DIAMONDS! You can only harvest it with an IRON or DIAMOND pickaxe! Grab it!

More diamonds!

This is what happens if you fall in lava. 99% of the time you won't be able to escape and you will lose all of your items.

Unlike iron, diamonds dont need to be smelted. You can craft as soon as you get it.


A total of six!

Now, let's head back to the house with our loot.

Remember about placing blocks under you as you jump. This makes you gain altitude.

To use the water as an elevator, just press SPACE in water. You can stay on the side so you don't run out of oxygen.

Place the chest acquired from the dungeon right next to the old chest to create this Huge Chest.

If you have some String, you can create a bow with this formula. Use arrows caught from dead skeletons.

As depicted, smelting diamonds won't work.

Diamond pickaxe! This can harvest any mineral in the game.

434401652, this is the actual seed generated.

Now let's make some boots.

The full view. Now you're ready to start the ENDGAME.

Try testing out your bow. You'll need it for the boss. Right click with the bow to start firing. Hold it down until you're zoomed in all the way and release. Kills in maximum of 3 hits.

Arrows, once fired, can be collected just by walking up to where they dropped.

The Beginning of the End.

You'll start seeing these tall, purple-eyed monsters. They don't attack you on sight, however they're vital to killing the end boss and only attack if you look at them.

It teleports away!


These 'endermen' drop 'Ender Pearls'. Save them. You'll need them to get to the end boss.

Using these formula with iron ingots, buckets are useful in creating obsidian--to get to The Nether

Let's head to the mine.

Right click any water source with your Bucket to remove it and get Water.


Creepers are waiting for me.

Place water from your bucket near Lava, allowing it to flow down into the lava to create Obsidian.

Let it flow!


Around 11 should be an ample amount. I took a few more just in case.

With your obsidian, head back to the surface and create this structure.

Remember the flint I told you to keep? This is where it comes in handy. Combine it with an iron ingot.

Then right click the obsidian for a portal.

Then hop in!

The Nether

The only thing in the nether you should be wary of is lava. Lava in the Nether is as common as water in the Minecraft world. Find a Nether Fortress, distinguishable by its purple bricks.

Your bow is useful here, use it to kill the jellyfish that launch missiles at you.

These guys are friendly. No need to attack them. They drop Cooked Porkchops however, but they put up quite a fight.

Found my fortress!

Just dig into it, be careful of digging straight down.

A long hallway. It can only lead to monsters.

These guys chased me all the way from the end! They're vital for your purpose, so kill them!

They drop 'Blaze Rods'.

Put the 'Blaze Rod's into your crafting inventory for Blaze Powder. Head back to the real world before you get killed in here.

Blaze Powder + Ender Pearl = Eye of Ender.

Finding the End.

Before you can beat the game, it is necessary to kill enough Endermen to get Ender Pearls. Combine the Pearls into Eyes with your Blaze Powder. In this picture, I have managed to kill enough Endermen.

When low on food, Rotten Flesh is the only thing you can eat....

Once outside, right click an Eye of Ender. It'll launch itself in a direction, then either drop or shatter. Follow it and keep launching it into the sky until it goes underground.

It stopped here! This is where I'll find the End Boss. Save your Eyes now.

It's time to dig down now.

They're leading me straight down now.

It's here! Be careful of the little monsters down here.

Their monster spawner is right next to the portal.

To finish the portal, right click all of the squares with Eyes of Ender. They'll fill up, spawning a portal which you must jump to.


You're here. You've finally made it. The end. There's nothing stopping you now. Quick, make it to the nearest landmass with any building material you have. The Dragon will come and attack you quickly if you don't.

Use cobblestone or cheap Netherrack to make it to the island. DON'T FALL!

Don't look at the endermen. You have one enemy here. Before you can damage him, you must climb every obsidian pillar and attack the crystal at the top. If you have enough arrows, you can shoot them instead of climbing.

THE DRAGON! Attack him with your bow as he charges you and he'll back off. He really is no threat, however the fight is really long.

The last shot! He'll only be damaged once you take out all the crystals atop the Obsidian Pillars. In this picture, the Pillars are gone, and he's about to eat my arrow.


Loads of experience will rain down. You can build an enchanting table to use all the EXP he drops.

Congratulations! Where the Dragon dies, it'll spawn a portal where you jump into to get back to the world. The signs were added by me ;).

The. End.

Credits roll!

And you're back at the start. Enjoy doing what you want now!