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Mini Metro Walkthrough More colors! (Click the dark dot in the bottom middle)

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When you open this menu you will see the amount of Trains, Cariages, and tunnels. You will also see the tracks you can have you will start with Red,Green, and blue, but you will get as you move on!

I would add more tracks to insure no back ups happen.

After you finish your week you will recive a new "Locomotive"

You can spend it on another color of "Line" Or a Cariage

The more you go on the more Trains you will need.

You will soon get to a poiunt where it is messy. You can pause the game remove all the Tracks. And re build them!

After a point thingd will get clogged up so you wan't to fix them!

Sadly not all can be fixed. Mini Metro does not a an end or "Finish" you just try to keep going!