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Mini Ninjas Walkthrough Level 5e - Living Castle

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Firstly, find this stair and go up.

Climb up.

Turn left.

Wall jump.

Go here.

And here.

Find stair and go up.

Up again.

Up up!

Climb up. If you stuck her, move to the right and get up.

Now through here.

Climb here and jump to the right.

Turn left

Wall jump again.

Go here and jump left.

Climb up.

And up.

Then through here...

Now, jump down and clear this area.

Save the game before continue.

Go through here

And here...

Climb up.

Go up.

Wall run.

Go up...

And up..

Up up!

Jump down through the hole.

Clear this area until a new door open.

Go through here. Save first.

Go up.

Now, jump.

Jump again.

Jump down...

Save the game and continue.

Go here...

Break the paper wall to make it easier to see the way.

Through here...

And here...

Break these wall and proceed.

You should be on this way.

Go to the end.

Clear this area.

This area too..

Finally, move towards the dragon door. [END OF LEVEL]